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        Location selection of national machinery safety design agency Quanzhou boosts industrial transformation and upgrading

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        The Secretariat of the National Machinery Safety Design Sub-Committee is located in the Nan'an CMC Standardization Research Institute, and consists of 27 experts from scientific research institutes, universities, quality inspection agencies, certification agencies and enterprises. The business areas mainly include security protection design, security-related technology integration, security standard application, etc.

        Zhu Bin, Chairman of the Mechanical Safety Design Sub-committee of the National Mechanical Safety Standardization Technical Committee

        We take precautions in advance from the perspective of safety design. This is the focus of our sub-technical committee in the future. Do a solid foundation work. Control safety in the design. For Quanzhou, the establishment of the sub-committee can be said to be a guide to promote quality, and it also gives Quanzhou more voice.

        Machinery safety standards are the basic field standards, which play an important role in ensuring the safety and health of personnel, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and enhancing international competitiveness. Mechanical safety design is the source of safety risk control of mechanical equipment. The establishment of sub-committees is conducive to promoting the application of related technologies in the field of machinery safety and promoting the implementation of machinery safety-related standards. The reason for choosing to establish a sub-committee in Quanzhou is that Quanzhou’s manufacturing industry has a huge volume, has always attached importance to standardization work, and has a wealth of talent reserves and experience.

        Li Qin, Chairman of the National Machinery Safety Standardization Technical Committee

        Quanzhou's equipment manufacturing industry is already very developed, and it is also a pilot demonstration city of our "Made in China 2025". This has also been carried out in the past few years. So there is such a good foundation. Coupled with such a good professional team, coupled with his own love of this work, so I think that in Quanzhou can be done for our local enterprises in Quanzhou, and even Fujian, or more to say, to do safety work nationwide. good.

        In the future, the Sub-Bidder Committee will integrate the resources of enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities, and related enterprises and institutions to build an open, shared, and integrated platform, and actively promote the orderly development of machinery safety standardization.

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