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        Correct installation and maintenance of rotary joints

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        Rotary joints are accurately selected according to the nature, type, temperature, pressure, speed, structure type and other technical parameters of the fluid medium used in the equipment, correctly installed, used and maintained after purchase, which will improve the reliability of the product’s sealing performance and extend the service life It is of great significance. For this reason, the following precautions are hereby put forward:
        1) When installing the rotary joint, pay attention to the accurate positioning of the connection with the pipeline to ensure that the installation is concentric. When installing the threaded rotary joint, pay attention to whether the thread direction of the inner and outer pipes corresponds to the direction of rotation of the roller, and the inner and outer pipes The thread direction of the pipe should also be kept consistent, and the inlet and outlet of the rotary joint should be directly connected with the hose as much as possible to reduce the load of the joint and help extend the service life of the rotary joint.
        2) The assembly of the inner tube should pay attention to the size matching and the auxiliary support of the weight. It is recommended to use the H8/e7 tolerance standard for the inner tube and the joint of the inner tube rotary rotary joint. It is recommended to automatically adjust and compensate when the rotary joint is applied. The supporting and anti-rotation coordination of the rotating joint generally has a rod diameter that is 2mm smaller than the anti-rotation hole [14].
        3) The rotary joint should be carefully operated during installation and maintenance to prevent foreign matter or hard particles from entering the contact surface of the friction pair, and avoid overloading or disassembly as much as possible to prevent damage to the connection port and internal hardware to cause a seal Failure and shortened service life.
        4) For rotary joints that need to be disinfected and cleaned, attention should be paid to the influence of the concentration of disinfectant and cleaning solution on the performance of the rotary joint, so as to avoid premature damage to the rotary joint due to improper operation.

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