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        What problems are prone to appear in newly installed rotary joints?

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        Rotary joints are precision parts. Failure to install or debug the newly installed rotary joints is prone to various problems. So which problems are more common and what kind of operations should be used to deal with them?
        1. Foreign matter appears on the sealing surface of the friction pair. The reason may be that high hardness particles or foreign objects enter the sealing surface during assembly or installation. In this case, it is necessary to re-grind the sealing surface of the friction pair. If it is seriously damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new one.
        2. Poor concentricity. Concentricity mainly refers to the coordination between the hollow shaft and the equipped rotating body. In this case, it is necessary to reinstall the rotating joint and maintain the size and accuracy, while maintaining the tightness of the metal hose.
        3. The sealing ring is inclined. The reason for this is that the gap between the shell, the bottom hole of the bottom cover and the hollow shaft is uneven. It is necessary to readjust the hanging and supporting parts, and adjust the gap between the hollow shaft and the shell.
        4. The friction sealing surface cannot be tightly run-in and leaks occur. When this happens, you can continue to use it and observe. If there is no more leakage after a period of running-in and equilibrium is reached, there is no need to deal with it.

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