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        Li Kun, chief expert of China National Machinery Industry Corporation, visited Minxuan Technology

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        On June 29, 2021, Li Kun, the chief expert of China National Machinery Industry Corporation and the chairman of the National Mechanical Seal Standardization Technical Committee, and Li Xiang, a senior engineer from the Seal Research Institute of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, visited Minxuan for technical exchange and guidance, and the company was founded. Zhu Bin, general manager Chen Huiling and consultant Wang Haixin accompanied the reception throughout the process.

        Minxuan Technology, as a domestic high-tech enterprise focusing on the leading technology in the field of mechanical seals and basic supporting facilities, is committed to the research and development and manufacture of various precision rotary joints, syphons, metal hoses and their supporting products, as well as the promotion of related fluid sealing technologies. Service, belonging to the mechanical seal industry, welcomes the guidance of industry leaders, the company is honored! Director Li Kun was formerly the vice president of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, and has deep attainments in the research and development of mechanical seals and fluid machinery technology. It has been nearly five years since Director Li Kun’s visit to the company last time. The past five years has been a major leap in the company’s development. In recent years, the company’s steady development, various functions, hardware and software facilities and configurations have become more and more perfect, showing A brand-new look has provided a solid guarantee for the company’s further development. This time, Director Li Kun and his entourage visited the company's rotary joint simulation laboratory, production and assembly workshop, office area, exhibition hall, standard verification room and other areas, and listened to the company's operation development in recent years by the founder of Zhu Bin and Mr. Chen. Regarding the situation, Director Li Kun fully affirmed the company's development achievements in recent years and its achievements in the rotary joint industry.

        At the symposium, Director Li Kun put forward professional guiding opinions and future development direction suggestions for the company's existing problems and development bottlenecks, combined with the current situation of the industry and market development needs, and put forward automation transformation and upgrading, benchmarking domestic and foreign advanced Products and technologies, focus on market resources and demand changes, product improvement, and other directions. At the same time, it also provides guidance on surface grinding technology, how to improve production and processing accuracy, anti-rust treatment technology, seal ring seal pairing, springs, etc. that cause rotary joint leakage. Solutions to common problems in the industry have been proposed one by one, and the technical team members present have benefited a lot. In response to the technical problems encountered in daily work, R&D personnel also seized the opportunity to humbly consult with Dean Li, and got answers one by one.

        Over the years, Minxuan Technology has maintained a close technical cooperation relationship with Hefei General Machinery Research Institute in the field of mechanical seals, and realized the cooperation between enterprises and scientific research institutes. At the same time, as a member of the National Mechanical Seal Standardization Technical Committee, it is also active Promote the high-quality development of the industry with standards. The company has received strong support and help from Director Li Kun, experts and professors, whether it is in the process of developing high-performance and high-quality products or in the process of standard formulation and revision. For this, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks again! In the future, we will also continue to work hard, strengthen exchanges, continuously improve innovation capabilities, consolidate product quality, promote the technological development of enterprises with innovation, and promote high-quality development in the field of mechanical seal technology with standards!

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